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England - Cornwall 2

As I warned this entry is bigger than normal .... and I have been very good and not talked about a lot of the places I could have done, such as Tintagel - The home of King Arthur.  That is where the picture on the icon was taken, by the way.

Anyway I decided to split the entry - to give you a chance to have a breather - and a cup of tea! 


So - lets start this second item with something a bit more modern!   The Eden Project was started as a Millenial project and is of a unique structure.

It contains more than 1,000,000 plants representing 5,000 species from many of the climatic zones of the world. Many of these can grow in the mild conditions of Cornwall, others need greenhouses and that is where Eden's two gigantic Biomes - the biggest conservatories in the world - come in. 
It was featured in the James Bond film "Die Another Day" as the ice palace.


The Scillies lie 30 miles (48km) off Cornwalland are said to be the lost kingdom of Lyonesse and the burial place of King Arthur.
It takes the brunt of the Atlantic breakers - but also lies in the gulf stream.

The Scillies have been the site of many ship-wrecks, including that of the flagship of Admiral Sir Clowdiley Shivell in 1707.  He was washed ashore, barely alive and a local lady smothered him so as to remove the emerald ring from his finger.  She buried his body, but confessed everything on her deathbed 30 years later.  The Admiral's body was found and re-interred at Westminster Abbey.

Tresco is considered the most beautiful of the islands and was also the first place, in 1834, to introduce compulsary education.


In March 1967 The Torrye Canyon hit the rocks at Seven Stones Reef and thus became the first Super-Tanker disaster.  The ship was carrying 120,000 tons of oil and the captain decided on the route he did to save himself 2 hours travelling time.  Due to a problem with fishing nets in the sea and a minor design fault that allowed the ship to remain on auto-pilot after the captain had changed to manual; the ship hit the rocks at 17 knots and started to break up.
Salveage was tried, then detergents to break up the oil, before the prime minister gave the go-ahead to bomb it.  However the coast line of both England and France were plagued for about 2 years. However valuable lessons were learnt about dealing with the aftermath of oil spills.


It is possible to believe that the words of the anthem "Jerusalem " (Those feet in ancient times, did walk upon England's mountain green) were written about this place.
There is a beautiful 15th century Church set in a garden churchyar, set in a wood, besides the waters of a creek.
It is known that the Romans and Phoenecians visited Cornwall, and legend has it that Joseph of Arimathae (a tin merchant) brought Jesus Christ here when a boy.

Sir Huphry Davy, inventor of the minor's lamp is buried here.


Lawrence Binyon visited Polzeath in 1914 and penned the words -
"They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old;
Age shall not weary, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We will remember them."

He later worked in the front line for the Red Cross.  These words are immortalised during "Rememberence Day Services".


The Reverand Stephen Hawker was vicar here in 1843 and held the first ever modern Harvest Festival.  The vicarage was altered during his time and the chimney pots are of various shapes depicting various Churches that Rev Hawker had been involved with.


In the middle of the moor is Dozmary Pool, which is meant to be both bottomless and also to contain Excalibur.


The Lizard Village is the only part of England that is south of the 50th parallel.


Newquay is famous for Fistral Bay, the home of surfing.  

However just south of the town is St Piran's Oratory which is the oldest Christian Church in Britain.  It is 6th Century - and is where St Piran landed after he arrived here from Ireland.  So I finish todays post as I started this morning - with another wish for a Happy St Piran's Day to you all.

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