Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Blakes 7 Icons

This set of icons are for Round 48 of season20in20 ... and I am back at Season 1 of Blakes 7 again.

Here are the teasers -

     photo Evil_zpsd6568371.jpg    photo Three_zps2aa2b43f.jpg    photo AC3_zps9f010b18.jpg


dreamlike evil friendship grunge + orange landscape
 photo Dreamlike_zps4f3182e6.jpg  photo Evil_zpsd6568371.jpg  photo Friendship_zps71939fd4.jpg  photo Grungeorange_zpsf8871bbd.jpg  photo Landscape_zps0b4ded05.jpg
mood - thoughtful otp three wide eyes young
 photo Mood-Thoughtful_zps6600a47e.jpg  photo otp_zps17252703.jpg  photo Three_zps2aa2b43f.jpg  photo Wideeyes_zps14f73e6d.jpg  photo Young_zps25b70a09.jpg

category - text

category #1 category #2 category #3 category #4 category #5
 photo Cat1_zps41f3064a.jpg  photo Cat2_zps9919aa09.jpg  photo Cat3_zps988ac420.jpg  photo Cat4_zpsad027181.jpg  photo Cat5_zpsc7c399f4.jpg

artist's choice

ac #1 ac #2 ac #3 ac #4 ac #5
 photo AC1_zps8bda89a3.jpg  photo AC2_zps8e185d5d.jpg  photo AC3_zps9f010b18.jpg  photo AC4_zps14db2ea2.jpg  photo AC5_zps7f55ce43.jpg

As ever, most of the credits for the backgrounds/brushes/screen caps are to be found at my icon journal - d4s_icons .... And, as ever, all are snaggable.

Tags: blakes 7, competition, icons

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