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Eternal Refuge
Because Everyone Needs Dreams.
100 Days Of Happy - Day 41 
11th-Sep-2014 08:41 pm
After a horifically busy afternoon at work that really "killed" me (although nice to be trusted with running 2 clinics rather than the normal 1) I felt a bit low (to say the leaset) ... but rather than just collapse in the chair, while dinner was cooking I had the idea to start a jigsaw.  I hadn't done one in ages, and already feel more relaxed.

Jigsaws always make me happy.
13th-Sep-2014 06:09 am (UTC)
I love them too. They are relaxing. *hugs* Please try to rest and let the stress pass.

Keeping you in prayer and caring very much.

17th-Sep-2014 07:25 pm (UTC)
Thank you - Rest is pretty impossible, sadly ... as is keeping away from the stress, but I know that prayers are really supporting me.

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