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If You Are A Town Planner, DJ Has A Request For You ....

.... Please don't plant killer daffodils!!

DJ was, yet again, a real sweetie this morning, as he came right up to the gate for me.  It also meant that I could take a couple of photos of Badger and Junior in the adjoining field (so that I could finish off my film ... and it is now in the post).

After a couple of carrots to prove that he had been marvellous we walked in and then I realised the problem ahead of he .... you could not see what colour he was - he was mud, with a layer of mud on top of that!

So, I started on the essentials - where his saddle rests, round his girth and his face where his bridle fits .... He also wanted he to brush his strangles scar.  at this time of year, with his long (and muddy) coat, his throat always needs a good finger-itch .... It's good to know I have my uses!

Toni brought Badger in - and it was the steady mile there and mile back ride - Badger is doing well at present, so don't want to push him, or DJ.  Toni was also seeing if the Australian stock-saddle that she had for Secret would fit Badger (as he is a lot heavier build) - but that is the advantage of non-English saddles ... they are far more adaptable.  An English saddle is a very specific fit to each horse, in each stage of it's life.

As we were walking back home is when disaster struck.

DJ was on the inside and these daffodils tried leaping out of the bank and dragging DJ into the ditch ... well what else were they trying to do ... They were certainly moving ... Try telling him that it was just a gentle breeze blowing through the local village beauties and DJ will call you a liar!  If you want to try to explain, you are more than welcome to visit him!

So, poor boy ... he really needed his carrot and meal to recover form such a near-death experience!
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