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Happy St Piran's Day - March 5th

Although I am English I live in the one County that those who are born here, call a separate Country!  

It is officially a Duchy with Prince Charles owning all the land, that isn't privately owned.   That is why Camilla was, on their marriage, given the titile of Duchess of Cornwall.

So, for many of the Cornish, today is a very special day - with the Cornish flag being flown.

This is the flag of St Piran - Saint Piran is the patron saint of tin-miners and is also generally regarded as the national saint of Cornwall. (Saint Piran's Flag is a white cross on a black background.) St Piran's Day is March 5th.   Read more -

St Piran 

There will be gathering around the County - this picture was taken at one of the many gatherings last year - 

Cornwall has it's own National Anthem based on "The Song of the Western Men", by Rev R.S. Hawker (Of Morwentow).  When we have a "Proms in the Park" with our Orchestra this is how we start the concert ... not my National Anthem, as I am not Cornish, but for many today a very important song :-


A good sword and a trusty hand!
A merry heart and true!
King James's men shall understand
What Cornish lads can do!

And have they fixed the where and when?
And shall Trelawny die?
Here's twenty thousand Cornish men
Will know the reason why!

And shall Trelawny live?
And shall Trelawny die?
Here's twenty thousand Cornish men
Will know the reason why!

Out spake their Captain brave and bold:
A merry wight was he:
'If London Tower were Michael's hold,
We'd set Trelawny free!

'We'll cross the Tamar, land to land:
The Severn is no stay:
With "one and all," and hand in hand;
And who shall bid us nay?

And shall Trelawny live? , etc.

'And when we come to London Wall,
A pleasant sight to view,
Come forth! come forth! ye cowards all:
Here's men as good as you.

'Trelawny he's in keep and hold;
Trelawny he may die:
But twenty thousand Cornish bold
Will know the reason why!'

And shall Trelawny live? , etc. 

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