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Happy Silver Wedding Anniversary, Annemarie & Bob

You have seen pictures of Annemarie when she was over last year.  She is someone I have known all my life as her father was friends with mum & dad.  He was a missionary in Angola and whenever he was on furlough, if he came to England he stayed with us.  Sadly Annemarie's mum died of cancer in 1985, and she came from USA and spent about 6 - 8 months with us.  She was meant to be with her father, but when he talked about marrying again, she couldn't cope and came to cry in "Aunt Sylvia's" arms.

So, when she and Bob got engaged, they asked Mum & Dad to go to the wedding, and for me to be Maid of Honour.

So 25 years ago today I walked up the aisl in Northville Michigan to stand up for Annemaie.

It brings back great memories of the day, and our month in USA to post this ... and also memories of a steep learning curve in the differences between USA & England weddings!

Congratulations - here's to the next 25!

Annemarie's brother Stefan is on the far right, as a groomsman
 photo img035_zps23dba8c1.jpg
With the "Mother-of-the-bride" (aka my mummy) and Dad
 photo img037_zpscda31096.jpg
Just to show the stunning dress
 photo img036_zps53a1cd45.jpg
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