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The radio lied to me...

... as I was driving to DJ's the radio was saying it would be overcast ... funny that I needed the windscreen wipers on! It was slow, but steady snow/rain/snow.

Mind you it meant DJ was happy to come over - as I think it had been a cold night for him. He is still waiting to be able to wear an electric blanket. I suppose that as he has electric fencing around his field then something could be designed for him (He wishes).

We went out with Toni and Smudge and just "round the block" - still took 2 hours ... well there is always gossip to be done. We went on another route - very quiet this one. It went past a property that she is looking into buying - not as nice as where she is, but she would like to down-size the house. That is never an option for me - as I am a hoarder ... so the older I get the bigger the property I will need.

So all in all a steady walk - but great to be out in the fresh air - mostly snow free, as well
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