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Day Trip To Bath

Last Thursday I went with my friend from Church to Bath.  Christine caught the train from her home and I joined it at Exeter - a direct route ... great.  Sadly the weather wasn't very kind, so we didn't stay as long as we had planned, and we didn't see as much as we had hoped - but it was still a great day out.

Bath was settled by the Romans in AD 60, although there are several Neolithic Barrows in the area. It is said to be a major battle site in the time of King Alfred c.500AD, and a monastery was founded here in 675AD. However by the 15th Century it had become slightly dilapidated, and was later revived as a Spa Town in Georgian times ... which is where most of the present architecture has come from. Christine lived here for 3 years when she was doing teaching practice, and pointed out where the shops had been renovated recently ... however they were done sympathetically, so hard to see the old from the new.

For more details look here for more detailed history.

Georgian Architecture - at it's best ....
 photo DSC_0236_zps1de9a085.jpg

 photo DSC_0170_zps040fd9f1.jpg

 photo DSC_0160_zpsa91db658.jpg

 photo DSC_0235_zpsddd04425.jpg
The Royal Crescent (in the rain!)
 photo DSC_0174_zps1767292f.jpg
The Circus .... the whole road is circular .... impossible to see on a photo -
 photo DSC_0172_zpsdc7ecd33.jpg
(Thanks Google)
 photo the-circus-arial-bath_zps329a8b9d.jpg
The weir on the River Avon
 photo DSC_0219_zps25c5a9e1.jpg
The weir and Poulteney Bridge
 photo DSC_0158_zpsbe7cc25c.jpg
One of the parks
 photo DSC_0232_zps4f3fe731.jpg

 photo DSC_0229_zps2bd79a83.jpg

 photo DSC_0155_zpscdc26447.jpg
A Victorian Pillar Box ... they are much shorter than our present day one
 photo DSC_0159_zps8f3964ab.jpg
I had to take this photo .... maybe I should have checked in
 photo DSC_0169_zpsa88a7105.jpg

 photo DSC_0238_zpsafdac09c.jpg

More in a minute!
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