Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Blakes 7 Icons

These icons are my latest set of Blakes 7 ones, and from the final season (4) ... they are made for Round 47 of season20in20

Here are the 3 teasers -

 photo AC2_zpsa2495581.jpg    photo Cat5_zpsd7dffd87.jpg    photo Yellow_zps7b9ada85.jpg


amazing background text broken colour splash devastated
 photo Amazing_zps2e86237d.jpg  photo BackgroundText_zpsdee43473.jpg  photo Broken_zpsfcd8e632.jpg  photo ColourSplash_zpsa2ac2764.jpg  photo Devastated_zps1f020117.jpg
emotional guest star solid background taken aback yellow
 photo Emotional_zps9867fa97.jpg  photo GuestStar-RoyKinnear_zps65b2bb2c.jpg  photo Solidbackground_zpsc5226171.jpg  photo TakenAback_zps53a8b197.jpg  photo Yellow_zps7b9ada85.jpg

category - same scene (.... The last scene of the show in fact!)

category #1 category #2 category #3 category #4 category #5
 photo Cat1_zpscaa804b6.jpg  photo Cat2_zpse61eb52b.jpg  photo Cat3_zps058c585d.jpg  photo Cat4_zps8f053c33.jpg  photo Cat5_zpsd7dffd87.jpg

artist's choice

ac #1 ac #2 ac #3 ac #4 ac #5
 photo AC4_zps8130a67a.jpg  photo AC2_zpsa2495581.jpg  photo AC3_zps12255d37.jpg  photo AC1_zps80dc7431.jpg  photo AC5_zps78b97878.jpg

The Guest Star is Roy Kinnear, for those who don't recognise him.

As ever, most of the credits for the backgrounds/brushes/screen caps are to be found at my icon journal - d4s_icons .... And, as ever, all are snaggable.

Tags: blakes 7, competition, icons

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