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Happy Birthday James

Birthday Graphics

I hope that you are having a wonderful day - spending time with those you love.  I pray that the coming year will be truly wonderful for you.

The great thing for James is that he will be able to celebrate this birthday by knowing that this weekend more people will be able to see him on TV.

He is a great actor - and it is great that he has another TV role, so more people can appreciate that talent.  He is also great at making those he is speaking to feel really special.  In this combination I (along with other fans) have pushed ourselves to try things, and do things that we never thought we would do.

Having seen James in BtVS meant I wrote for the first time since leaving school (having been told I couldn't write), I then travelled to London to hear him sing (my first ever concert) and to meet him .... since then I have extended this to learning computer art (despite my colour blindness) and lastly gone to see his band (without him!), but to meet his son, and friends.

Thank you James for all you have inspired me (and others) to do.

Happy Birthday.
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