Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

At Long Last - An Update

Not that there's any real news, but I have been a bit "in and out" so haven't really kept you all up to date with the trauma that's me at present!

On the good news side -

  • Claire is doing well - is now almost back up to full time hours, although some of those are spent working from home ... but she is doing well, and rarely gets super-tired now.  She has been enjoying a "Force" charity return to work thingy.  A charity to support those with cancer, and their families ... she even persuaded Tim to have a couple of massages, so all in all good news.

  • Andrew is already getting organised for his move, sorting out housing, a Church ... so at the moment it's going well ... butterflies have still to arrive!

  • Jiffy is having fun with the better weather - Mum & Dad can keep the back door open, so he can let himself out to bark at the magpies when they land on the neighbours house!  I am sure he sometimes sees invisible rhinoceroses though as he can be charging around more than needed for one bird!

  • Dad still plays the piano at Church every other week - Anne the organist is slowly improving from her cancer ... so they share it, which is great for them both.

Well sadly that's all I can think about on the positive :(  ... so now for the not good news!!

  • Mum is in a lot of pain - she has inflamed one of the tendons in her hip, and despite having an injection she is not much easier.  She is sleeping a lot and is finding movement very hard .. which is really depressing for her.  Sadly she is a bit more intolerant of Dad's poor memory, which causes tension.  He knows it, and accepts it ... until he is having a bad moment, and then it is not easy for either of them.  In calm times they both know that "you only hurt the one you love" ... and sadly being able to snap shows that after 62 years of marriage they are still working well together!  So negative and positive at the same time!

  • I have had to abandon my fence painting - have 1 1/2 sides done ... hope to get the rest done a few planks at a time.

  • I have less than 2 weeks to go now ... and am rapidly losing mobility ... very stiff and achy all the time, despite keeping going as much as possible and taking pain killers as needed.  I have also had to stop wearing my lenses, although have tried a few times, within about 3 hours of them in, despite eye-drops, my eyes feel full of gravel.  I ended up seeing an optician locally as couldn't drive to mine in Bude.  She said that my eyes look ok (so that's good), but that I needed new glasses if I was going to wear them all the time - the cheapest I could get were £400, but I am happy in them ... and am, after all these years, thinking that depending on the diagnosis I may go into glasses full time.

  • Yes, can't drive very far at all - which means my day trip plans with my friend from Church have mostly been missed this summer ... and I had to say I wont be playing in the orchestra concert ... both the drive and the weakness and slowness in my fingers will stop that.

  • Mum & Dad's house and garden are no where near as tidy as I had hoped .... I can't work a full Saturday on it ... even though Jiffy helps!  I have mostly managed to keep the garden about 75% tidy ... as it's good to work outside, but housework has been a  bit sparse ... so don't look at the dust if you pop over for a cuppa ;)

Well that seems about most of what's happening ... in other words not much as I can't do too much, and when I can I can't afford it as I have had to cut my hours back!

Sorry for a  bit of a moan, but mostly this was meant to catch friends back up to date .... and to explain why I am sometimes a bit MIA!!
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