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Holiday Photos 13 ... Whitehall

Between Trafalgar Square and Westminster is Whitehall.  Another site most of you see is the Cenotaph which is here.

As is Horseguards .... and the Guards memorial.  Both those items are "related" to my paternal grandfather.  He was in the Coldstream Guards from the end of WWI to the early 20's.

 photo img053_zps5b57bd09.jpg

When the Cenotaph was dedicated, and the Unknown Warrior buried, some of his kit actually lay on the coffin, as one of a couple of soldiers.  For the Guards Memorial, the 5 models are actual men, and it was Granddad's best friend who was used as the model for the Coldstream Guard.

So, as you see a bit of unknown history, that makes these places even more important to me.

Looking down Downing Street
 photo DSC_0717_zps1c2b7515.jpg
Entrance to Horseguards
 photo DSC_0665_zps1da4fec3.jpg

 photo DSC_0663_zpsb6eb6db7.jpg
On Horseguards
 photo DSC_0713_zps93063a36.jpg
The 5 Guardsmen
 photo DSC_0711_zps365bc962.jpg
The Guards Memorial
 photo DSC_0710_zps0e3ec4a0.jpg
The Cenotaph
 photo DSC_0673_zps43495124.jpg

 photo DSC_0718_zpsd74a39f0.jpg
A newish Memorail, near the Cenotaoph
 photo DSC_0669_zps45728179.jpg
Near Trafalgar Square
 photo DSC_0661_zpse358ee98.jpg

There are a few more photos here at PhotoBucket
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