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Holiday Photos 12 ... Westminster

Westminster is the part of London that everyone hears about - Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, etc.

However many times I go there, I still love going back.  My college in the first year was near here, and a lot of memories came flooding back as I saw the general views again.

Looking across Parliament Square to Big Ben (well, technically it's The Elizabeth Tower)
 photo DSC_0697_zps836c81c2.jpg
St Margarets - I went in there, but photography is not permitted.
 photo DSC_0693_zpsbeaf2acc.jpg
The West Door of Westminster Abbey.  I didn't go in as it's expensive and I used to go regularily when I was at college ... I will go back again one day.
 photo DSC_0692_zps8df84f1c.jpg
Yes, I was there!
 photo DSC_0691_zpsed5d03f0.jpg
Round the back of the Abbey, heading towards the cloisters ... where the organist etc live.
 photo DSC_0687_zps6ce945ae.jpg
The North Door
 photo DSC_0685_zpsb9d4e402.jpg
 photo DSC_0680_zps924a747f.jpg
The Thames ... and The Eye
 photo DSC_0678_zps575f5d1e.jpg

Most people know the Abbey, but don't know about Westminster Cathedral.  This is the #1 Catholic Church in England

St Peter
 photo DSC_0602_zpscafcf71e.jpg

 photo DSC_0600_zps8c101fcf.jpg
The Pulpit
 photo DSC_0598_zps17d480c2.jpg
The Roof
 photo DSC_0596_zps4c5ac510.jpg
It is an amazingly dark building
 photo DSC_0593_zps95274d2d.jpg

 photo DSC_0582_zpsf3e03e54.jpg

There are a few more photos here at my PhotoBucket
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