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Holiday Photos 11 ... The V & A And The Science Museums

However many times I go to London I inevitably find my way to the V&A, even if only for an hour ... just somewhere that I love.  I also try to go to another museum as well, and this time it was my favourite from childhood, the Science Museum.

As I was only at both for a shortish time there are only a few images, however I haven't posted them all, so if you want to see a few more, then click on any photo and it will take you to the Photobucket links.

I thought it would be nice to bring home a souveneir ... so this seemed a good choice!!
 photo DSC_0580_zpsfb435da9.jpg
These structures are truly stunning - I think you could spend a whole visit in this one gallery alone.
 photo DSC_0578_zps2f1903c6.jpg
Close-up on the pillar
 photo DSC_0576_zps387b3a13.jpg

 photo DSC_0575_zps827d668f.jpg
Even the building is lovely
 photo DSC_0566_zpsf95a733a.jpg

 photo DSC_0563_zpsbf97c0c2.jpg
When I was a kid I loved Origami ... this dress is inspired by that art
 photo DSC_0561_zpsa0cd9587.jpg
Sad that ivory was used - but truly stunning work
 photo DSC_0560_zpsdbafdaa6.jpg

 photo DSC_0558_zpsf6a53372.jpg

The Rocket
 photo DSC_0030_zpsbac86018.jpg
As I said in an earlier post, Dad was in London during the war, and sadly lost a few friends to the V2
 photo DSC_0048_zps2dcd5f14.jpg
In the medical area there are loads of tableaux of treatments of the time ... this Victorian gentleman was resting with gout
 photo DSC_0047_zps89fa0301.jpg
Not quite a super-jet
 photo DSC_0042_zps747203e1.jpg
I travelled by coach ... a bit more modern than this!
 photo DSC_0029_zps42d0459a.jpg

 photo DSC_0027_zpse2057636.jpg
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