Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Holiday Photos 9 .... The City Of London

On my wanders I saw The Guild Hall, Mansion House and The Bank of England

The Bank on the left, Mansion House ahead
 photo DSC_0153_zps48645547.jpg

 photo DSC_0148_zps412e2890.jpg
I love this chair in front of The Mansion House
 photo DSC_0178_zpsc292ca9c.jpg
The side of the Guild Hall-
 photo DSC_0156_zps234fd5d2.jpg
I went to a Guild School ... The Coopers Company is the middle shield -
 photo DSC_0170_zps196d85f9.jpg
You can see the shields on the roof
 photo DSC_0159_zps7c97d392.jpg

There are a lot more views of the statues around The Guildhall here

And, I saw the Queen! Didn't get a photo other than the car .... she was wearing powder blue.
Tags: camera, coopers coborn, holiday 2014, london, queen

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