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Holiday Photos 8 .... The Tower of London b

Yesterday I posted some views of the buildings/walls of The Tower of London.

Here are a few of the items and sights in and around the buildings, including one of the many visitors -
 photo DSC_0456_zps23dda0a3.jpg

The inside of one of the more unusual towers .... the home of Henry III
 photo DSC_0437_zps40fdc1f7.jpg
There were a lot of these statues around showing various jobs
 photo DSC_0453_zps09bc497a.jpg

 photo DSC_0462_zps0297ae57.jpg
A Yeoman Warden
 photo DSC_0480_zpsbe8c63ea.jpg
This is where Tower Green was .... where 3 Queens of England died.
 photo DSC_0482_zpsa4f85320.jpg
Where the various officials live
 photo DSC_0484_zps9b94cf1f.jpg
If the ravens disappear then London falls
 photo DSC_0496_zpse374e20a.jpg
The White Tower has been an armoury/museum for years.  The human armours are (except 1) authentic ... the horses were made in the 17th century
 photo DSC_0503_zps9310be86.jpg
The ceremonial swords of past Kings
 photo DSC_0513_zps63c2c420.jpg

 photo DSC_0518_zpsb60fc1a1.jpg
The block from Tower Green ... and in the tube are fragmants of the block from Tower Hill
 photo DSC_0521_zpsced26a14.jpg
Changing the guard
 photo DSC_0527_zps99b41785.jpg
Traitors Gate ... from inside
 photo DSC_0537_zpsa18e482e.jpg
... and out
 photo DSC_0552_zpsde391345.jpg
And, finally Tower Bridge
 photo DSC_0549_zps484174e3.jpg

I did see the crown jewells, but photography is not permitted.

If you want to see more, there are quite a few pictures at my photobucket.
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