Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Holiday Photos 6 ... The Merchant Navy Memorial

On the second day of my holiday I went to The Tower of London (Dad gave me the money for the ticket, which was a lovely gift).  Just opposite the station is the merchant Navy Memorial, for all those buried at sea.  Dad's uncle, who was only 7 years older than him, was in the merchant Navy, and was sunk 3 times ... but survived, and only passed away in the early '80's.

The memorial full of names of those who dies in WWI and are buried at sea
 photo DSC_0407_zps12bb36fd.jpg
The garden of rememberance, with names from WWII who are buried at sea
 photo DSC_0416_zps5740d7c8.jpg

On the entrance to the gardens
 photo DSC_0414_zpsca6a61f6.jpg
 photo DSC_0413_zpsb19f1726.jpg

Sun dials
 photo DSC_0405_zpsca7e6afc.jpg

 photo DSC_0403_zps50dd7c95.jpg
Tags: camera, holiday 2014, london, remembrance

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