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Spike's A - Z

Over on nekid_spike  they are running a challenge about using 10 words to describe Spike.  that got me thinking - and so I decided to challenge myself to the full alphabet and have a go!

A couple of the words are nouns, but mostly I used adjectives to describe Spike as I see him.  Probably not the "ultimate" list, but a good start.

I challenge others on my f-list to do the same for a favourite character in a favourite show!!

A -  Adaptive ... He worked to be the "big bad" for Dru, then worked with his enemy to stop Hell on earth, then he tried to be good for Buffy and a babysitter for Dawn.  He allowed himself to change to the needs of those he loved.

B - Beautiful ... I know you shouldn't call a guy beautiful - but have you seen him?

C - Caring ... Those he loves, he loves totally and would do anything for.

D -  Devoted ... To his family and friends - look how much Dru, Buffy, Dawn etc put him through ... but he was still there.

E -  Educated ... He knows his Shakespeare, but also he has moved with the times - he drives, uses videos, plays video games, and you even see him using a computer.

F -  Forgiving ... How ever many times Dru goes to Angelus (or anyone else), he takes her back; however many times Buffy beat him up, he was still there to support her; and even with Giles he listens to him even though he knows that he had plotted, with Wood, to have him killed. 

G -  Graceful ... Just watch him fight - lethal ballet!

H -  Heroic ... He forged an alliance with his enemy to save the worl.  He then gave up his life to save the same girl ... and the world.

I -  Insecure .... Come on, we all know that bad-boy attitude is just a facade and we love him for it.

J -  Jealous ... Of Angel's hold on both Dru and Buffy; of Riley's relationship with Buffy; and of the Scoobies hold over Buffy.

K -  Kinky ... Well who declares their love for someone by tying them up?  .... Next to the shrine they have built about them??

L - Lonely ... He was with Dru for 100 years, yet knew that she didn't love him, like she loved her daddy.  Then along came Buffy - and again, Angel was the love she wanted.

M -  Musical ... Whether it was the steering-wheel drum-beat, or serenading Buffy from his crypt.

N -  Nationalistic ... I can say that being English as well!  He often had a dig about the Colonials, even though he had chosen to live in the Country for years!

O - Open ... He wears his heart on his sleeve.

P - Poet ... Willing to put his feelings down for the future. 

Q - Quiet ... After spending hours standing by his tree, he let both Buffy and Dawn unburden their hearts to him and in Season 7 his favourite position s just resting by the doorway waiting to find out what Buffy wanted him to do.

R - Rebel ... Bleached hair, a slayers coat - He is not the norm, even by vampire standards.

S -  Searching ... Whether for love, money or redemption, he always was looking for something more in his life.

T - Thief ... Well, what is the use of vampire speed if you cant put it to good use?

U -  Unusual ... It is his quirks that we love hime for.  A vampire who loves (dru and Buffy) and one who eats things other than blood.

V - Vampire ... He loves that he has eternity in front of him.

W -  Watcher ... Yes, he watched all the time ... which was partly stalking, but later meant he was there to help where-ever and whenever he was needed.

X -  Xenophobic ... Well, he hated other demons (except Clem) - and certainly stopped Hell-on-Earth 3 times during the series (So it can count, as I needed an X)

Y -  Youthful ... He never lost his zest for life.

Z - Zonked ... We often saw him drunk.  Life did get too much to him and out came the whiskey ... and as he himself said that during "Woodstock" he had watched his own hand move!
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