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Holiday Photos 5 .... Canary Wharf 2

I thought I had better split them up ... so going back to the last entry means more recent history. Now I go back from early Victorian life, to Roman


 photo DSC_0118_zpse0901acf.jpg

 photo DSC_0116_zpse2b39eb1.jpg

 photo DSC_0115_zpsb9e147c4.jpg

Revenue cutlasses
 photo DSC_0112_zps96f7b6c4.jpg

Having gone to the Coopers' Company (& Coborn) School, it's always good to see barrels!
 photo DSC_0110_zpse6fdd7cd.jpg

 photo DSC_0109_zpsc58ef6b8.jpg

 photo DSC_0104_zps08e74684.jpg

A bronze jug
 photo DSC_0103_zps18829ba0.jpg

Some statues made at the time of some of the many slaves who came through the city.
 photo DSC_0102_zps06d3ffc0.jpg

 photo DSC_0099_zps5d4d4aa7.jpg

 photo DSC_0095_zpse0498e27.jpg

 photo DSC_0091_zps525b404f.jpg

A Thames skiff
 photo DSC_0090_zpsf3e71af5.jpg

The building was a warehouse
 photo DSC_0089_zps32bf655a.jpg
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