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Holiday Photos 1 ... Some General London Images.

I didn't get work today, but have had a really tough 24 hours with pain and weakness, so it is good to not have to work - and means I can get some pictures up, and maybe even get some icons made, as I have a set due this weekend (PANIC

Although the rest will be in set themes, these are a few "odd" pictures of places and houses that I saw within the city on my perambulations!

The hostel I stay in - near Hyde Park ... what amazes me are the window boxes!
 photo HydeParkHostel_zps4677dab5.jpg

Some of you knew me when I was still an osteopath.  It took me 4 years to train, and this was my college during year 1 ... near Buckingham Palace.
 photo OldBSO_zpsaa4218fb.jpg

Then the college moved to near Trafalgar Square for the last 3 (it has recently moved again) -
 photo BSO_zps3355ae7a.jpg

An early school - 1688 (near Buckingham Palace)
 photo DSC_0604_zps65764c7e.jpg

A traditional Pub near Victoria Station
 photo DSC_0603_zps73334ef6.jpg

Near The Guildhall
 photo DSC_0177_zps860cb950.jpg

.... and I couldn't even find out what this was about!
 photo DSC_0176_zps4a1090d3.jpg

 photo DSC_0018_zpsfd5ffbc2.jpg

 photo DSC_0017_zps89df7e2e.jpg

As you all know, I am very proud of my Dad - he took a year out to study when he was the age I am now, and he did an MSc at Imperial College ....
 photo ImperialCollege_zpsf9c8156f.jpg
He then went onto London School of Economics to get his PhD
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