Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

My Holiday


I had a great time - walked too far, took too many photos - got mild sunstroke - fought the "whatever" that my body is coping with.

But - yes, it was a brilliant break.

I am slowly getting photos edited and reminding myself of some of the places, as well as getting organised to share the photos ... There will be loads I am sure, but feel free to skip them, as not everyone is mad about looking at photos, as I am.  I wont be upset.

Day 1 - I went to the Hostel, then to Hyde Park (nearby) and walked to The Albert Memorial and The Royal Albert Hall.  From there I walked to the Science Museum.  I only stayed there about an hour, before heading to Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square, China Town before finally heading to Trafalgar Square.  My college for 3 of the 4 years was there, but I never really took the time to enjoy the atmosphere.

Day 2 - I went to Canary Wharf to see the Docklands Museum.  Then I headed to The Guildhall, Mansion House and the Bank of England (I went in that museum, but no photos were allowed).  I also saw The Queen in that area, but failed to get more than a photo of the car!  She was wearing powder blue, and great to see her.  Then I went and rested for about an hour before heading out again to see Ghost of the Robot.  I really enjoyed the gig (even if it was missing one of the singers!!!!!!!)

Day 3 - I went to The Tower of London and the V&A, before heading for an early night.

Day 4 - I (eventually) dropped my case off at Victoria (there was a train failure which diverted me).  Then I walked to via Westminster Cathedral to Buckingham Palace, via my original college building (in the 1st year).  I missed the Changing of the Guard ... then I walked slowly up to Trafalgar Square and round Westminster (including visiting St Margaret's).  I had aimed to go to the Portrait Gallery, but ended up having to take my contact lenses out (by buying a pot and fluid) as my eyes dried out.  So I spent a couple of hours walking around in a total blur!!!!!

So a great holiday - lots of fun and lots of exhaustion.  Photos will slowly go up over the next few days.
Tags: ghost of the robot, holiday 2014, ill, london

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