Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

100 Days Of Happy - Day 6

Yay - just got organised (mostly) for my trip to London.  I leave early Monday!

It will be great to have a proper break, and am hoping that I can cope with the travelling, and walking.  Knowing I can only walk slowly was a worry, but I realised that it means I will actually get time to see what's around me ... so, am thinking positively!

It will be great to see Ghost of the Robot on Tuesday (see you there deborahw37) .... even though I am still sad that it wont be the full band line-up!!!!!  Hope that James' filming is going well.

As I sign off now, I am disabling comments as I wont have internet till I return ... then I am going to dismantle my pc and take it to be serviced while I'm away!  (Yes, I actually got organised!)

Hope you all have a super week - will catch up either 18th or the 20th ... be warned there will be photos++++

*group hugs*
Tags: 100 days of happy, computer, ghost of the robot, holiday 2014, james, london

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