Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Still Sad-ish!

Still sad about not being able to see James in July ... but super happy that he has work, although not a show I have even heard of - Witches of East End ... so looks like I shall be watching something else for at least a short time!

However I am looking forward to hearing Ghost of the Robot ... even though not with the full band. I am sure James would have loved to have shown his son a bit of Europe ... maybe another year! I think I expected him not to be able to come, as it seemed too good to be true.

I am beginning to try to sort out ideas of where to visit on my London trip ... but have to be careful due to my muscle symptoms, as if they are not easier I would tire easily.

I am off to Bude tomorrow - and dreading the drive as it hurts to sit in a car at present.  However I am playing in the  orchestral concert and don't want to cancel as I did in March.  So I have spent the the last couple of weeks practicing, as I need to get my mouth muscles toned ... trouble is my hands are not liking the work.  It will be quite a bit of playing, with the rehearsal in the afternoon - but have pain killers lined up!

Well, I had the blood tests on Monday and get the results next week - so will let you know if my doctor ha any answers.

Off to catch up on comments.
Tags: bude, ghost of the robot, ill, james, london, orchestra
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