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Am Sad - But It's For The Best Reason

Message from James Marsters

Holy Moly! When I got up this morning I thought I was going to spend the day restringing my guitar and packing my bags for a month long tour with my band, Ghost of the Robot starting in Philadelphia and continuing through England and Europe. The tour is the culmination of a years worth of love and work that 'Ghost' has spent recording and polishing our live sound. It was also a chance for me to experience the wide world with my son Sullivan before he starts University in the Fall. 'Ghost' voted Sullivan into the band without asking me after seeing him play a club in Santa Monica a few years ago. They said, "As a father you can veto this, of course, but as a band member you're already out voted so shut up!" They wanted him in the band because he is wicked good on the guitar (I just saw him bring down the house last weekend at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley, CA). He's also written a catalogue of twenty songs that we wanted to explore, and because he's quite frankly...gorgeous.

So these were my thoughts upon waking. Then the phone rang and the Universe filled me in on the actual plan. I've been cast in a really cool recurring role for a T.V. show that I imagine a lot of you are already watching. The character is charming, dangerous, devious and sexy; It's just my cup of tea. It's also a role that's not dying straight away, so that's refreshing. What this means is that while I will be able to come to Philadelphia this weekend and meet with fans, I will have to get on a plane Saturday evening to begin filming and 'Ghost of the Robot' is going to rock out without me for a bit. I will also not be able to accompany them for their European tour this July.

This is a painful thing for me to announce, but I am comforted by the knowledge that the band is going to do just fine on this tour without me. You see, from the beginning Charles De Mars (the genius I met in 2001 who convinced me to form 'Ghost') and I envisioned the band with multiple lead singers. We both love 'The Beatles' and remember the point growing up when we realized that every member of the band sang lead on almost every album. It created a band that was forever surprising and egoless.

Charlie and I have been working toward this goal and with our upcoming album 'Bourgeois Faux Pas' we have finally done it! We're all sharing the lead vocals on the upcoming release and we all sing harmonies and back up on each other's songs, and just like with 'The Beatles' you have to check the liner notes to know who is singing what. It all blends into a surprising journey for the ear. I couldn't be more proud.

So come out and support the band as they roll through the world this Summer. Meet my son and my friends Eddie, Jordan and Charlie. I won't be there in body, but my heart will be. My heart is inside this music, my best friends are in the band and I wrote half the songs. If you want to get to know me, come to the show and listen to the words. I've put things into the lyrics that I haven't told anyone else. That's what I love about writing songs, I can be totally honest. Sullivan will be taking over on some vocals for my songs too. I gave him his voice and he has put it to extraordinarily good use. He sounds very much like me and a bit better. When you come see Ghost of the Robot, just close your eyes and I'll be there.

All my love,

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