Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

OOOoooops - Haven't Updated In Ages

I am still alive - although how my body feels most of the time, I do wonder how alive I am!!  The virus has changed, again, into a myalgia (muscle pain) and everything hurts.  I have been to my GP (who has changed), and the new one is amazed that I am still struggling ... so, more blood tests, and possible future tests ... I have another appt the day after my birthday.

So although I am looking forward to London, Ghost of the Robot ... and JAMES, I am also wondering how I will cope with the trip ... but pain killers will be used (they are anyway), and I shall enjoy!!!!

It was a good Father's Day weekend.  Tim & Claire came over for tea, and it was just nice and family.  Dad is coping OK again, so he was able to enjoy the time, as were we.

Poor Jiffy has a skin infection again, however it is his first this year, so that's good news.

Have seen Claire for a lunch a few times, as she has been going to a Cancer rehab support group.  She is doing well ... 17 weeks now, and she has started back at work a few mornings a week from home.

Hope all is well with you all - I must get round to catching up on a few comments.
Tags: claire, dad, ghost of the robot, ill, james, jiffy

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