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MEME - The Letter P and The Letter L.

Choose 10 of your favourite things with your given letter.

Post this list on your LJ then anyone who comments and wants a letter will be given one!

I was given the letter "L" by beanbeans  and the letter "P" by lilachighas I knew that I had already done the letter "B" in the past - Letter B MEME
So, here are 10 things that I like, beginning with the letter L, but in no particular order.

1) - Like a Waterfall .... Ok .... I lied!  James Marsters had to be number one on the list, didn't he?  I love his music and have this CD on in my car at present.  My favourite track on this album is "Look at me, looking at you"

2) - Lords and Ladies ... I love the inherited system of nobility.  I am a great traditionalist.

3) - Lamps ... I do like lots of things around me and when I see lamps it reminds me of the 4 years that I had at college.  On Saturdays and at holiday times I worked in a posh departmental store selling lighting.  We used to have to advise on what types were available as well as to be able to extend the electrical lead etc.

4) - Lemons ... I am one of those people who steal the lemon segments of everyones pltes and drinks ... just love eating them!

5) - Laughter .... Not enough of this in the world.  I love laughing - and when I see people looking horrified it makes me worse, as I am then amused by their reaction as well ... LOL

6) - Letters ... I love e-mail and LJ ... but I really love to receive a hand-written letter; and in turn am quite happy to write to people, even though I am aware my writing is illegible!

7) - Luggage ... Just getting my case out makes the holiday start for me!  I only tend to get away once a year - and just love the whole experience.

8) - Lightening ... Where I grew up we used to have lot of thunder storms and one of my many memories is bing in our glass-roofed conservatory watching the spectacle going on overhead ... The thunder was God moving the furniture around in Heaven ... so, again, nothing to worry about!

9) - Lumbar Spine .... When I qualified I was told that 80% of my work would be in those 5 bones ... it is probably nearer 50% - but still the most important part of the body from my occupation.

10) - Love ... I may be single at present, but we all need love.  Love of family and friends (as well as God) is also very important ... "It is what makes the world go round"

And, here are 10 things that I like beginning with the letter P, but in no particular order.

1) - Ponies ... Well DJ is one and Jaykub was one!  They have a lot of character - often have a marvellous sense of humour, and usually at our expense!!
Most "native breeds" are ponies as they are both hardy and resilient - hence that character that pushes to the front when they are kept in comfortable surroundings!

2) - Plums ... I love most fruit, but plums are one of my all-time favourites.  They are ver adaptable and I love them raw, in puddings and pies, or made into jam.

3) - Potatoes ... Especially if made into chips!  However I like boiled, baked and roast potatoes; although I am not all that keen on mash.

4) - Poppies ... The poem "In Flanders Fields" was written during World War I by a doctor who was killed in action.  When it was published it soon became a symbol of the Fallen of War .... And in 1919 the Flanders Poppy was chosen as a momento of those who had died in war.

5) - Psalms ... This is the central book in The Bible.  It is mostly hymns and poems written by King David - and there is usually a verse or even a complete Psalm that can sum up whatever is happening in my life at the time.

6) - Proverbs ... Not necessarily the book of Proverbs from the Bible ... but in this case I meant more of the local phrases etc that the English used to use all the time, although sadly are not so popular now.  Most regions of the country had their own particular phrases, but with people moving around more these traditions are dying out.

7) - Photographs ... I do love photographs - both looking at them and taking them (even if I am still being lazy in that respect!)  I love seeing family pictures - we have ones dating back to the 1890's ... love seeing pictures of Jaykub and our previous pets ... and, of course, pictures of James (well, surprise, surprise ... I managed to get him on both lists!!)

8) - Pies ... I just love pies, both sweet and savoury made with a short-crust pastry case.  My Mum's pies are the absolute best! 

9) - Pelvis ... The human skeleton is basically 24 bones balanced one on top of the other and all resting on the pelvis.  As an osteopath I spend quite a bit of time working on the muscle attachments that abound on the ring of the pelvis - both from the spine down and from the legs up.

10) - Pillow ... A feather pillow is the only way I can rest!  Having 2 separate beds, I like both my pillows, but will admit the one I have here is slightly more comfortable ... or maybe it is the "Sweet Dreams" pillow case that Toni made me for Christmas!!

So - if you want to have a go, let me know!
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