Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Exeter's Ancient Heritage

Carrying on my yesterdays posts of my day in my own home "town", I wanted to show you how much, even in the midst of a modern city, the ancient remains with us.

Exeter was the furthest west the Romans settled, and it was a walled city in those days ... as it (mostly) is today.

In 1066 King Harold's mother lived here, and rebelled against the Normans, so King William conquered and built a castle here as well ... sadly much of that was destroyed with subsequent developement, but the gateway through the Roman wall "survives"

The gardens we walked through are looking stunning ... very "cottage garden" in appearance.

 photo DSC_0126_zps427f813f.jpg

We were going to take photos of each other, but another walker took the picture
 photo DSC_0124_zps053fe681.jpg

 photo DSC_0123_zpseca94180.jpg

 photo DSC_0122_zpse280fde2.jpg

 photo DSC_0121_zpsc0c0cac5.jpg

 photo DSC_0119_zps027b017a.jpg

The remains of the Norman Gateway can be seen here, in the Roman walls!
 photo DSC_0115_zps53019daa.jpg

 photo DSC_0110_zps6ea45da9.jpg

This bit of the wall is part of the museum grounds.
 photo DSC_0105_zpsd66f38c2.jpg
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