Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Exeter Museum

As I said in my last post, Exeter is a combination of old and new ... sometimes within the same space!

Exeter Museum was founded by Prince Albert, and some of the Victorian exhibits are still there, along with modern things.

What makes the museum slightly unusual is that there seems very little order in the layout.  I don't just mean in the order of the galleries, but in the positions of the displays ... for example there is a stuffed giraffe next to a stuffed elephant ... next to a .... Harpsichord!!!

You literally do not know what you are going to see next - anyway, here are a few pictures of my visit.

Prince Albert-
 photo DSC_0108_zpsc9745794.jpg

Typical confusion -
 photo DSC_0093_zps5aeccf47.jpg

Shot by, and presented to the museum by, King George V
 photo DSC_0100_zps44ccbd9a.jpg

See what I mean by animals and harpsichords -
 photo DSC_0103_zps9017157a.jpg

Just traditional images as well -
 photo DSC_0089_zpsf0120b65.jpg

Puzzle jug from the 1200's
 photo DSC_0092_zps59b5eb4e.jpg

I love this comb - (In the background it is a stuffed antelope!)
 photo DSC_0097_zpsc9e1a143.jpg

And here is the best outfit of all!
 photo DSC_0096_zps81f3c3aa.jpg

There were loads more, but that is enough to wet your appetite for a trip!
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