Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

May The 12th

Yesterday being the 12th of the month it is "Diary Day", on monthlydiaryday ... I seem to only get this done every other month.

Anyway ... here goes ....

The alarm sounded too loud this morning ... but I was a good girl, crawled out of bed, showered, had breakfast, got lunch ready, read my Bible reading for the morning (1 Kings 1 - 2) and then headed off to work.

The shift was in "Clinical Measurements" and is part of the technical side of ill health.  I spent the morning ina "flow" clinic ... men with prostrate problems who have difficulties passing a smooth stream of wee.  It's all timed and measured ... then sent off to the specialist.

In the afternoon I was calibrating and cleaning "sleep" kits ... the testing equipment that is used to see if someone has sleep apnoea. So all in all a more different day in a hospital than most people would expect.

Then home, and I made a bacon & cheese pasta (enough for 3 days as there's only me) ... and then computer time.

I started off my checking through LJ, and catching up with comments etc, then updated the great news about my mum's breast cancer improvement, and my dad's skin cancer surgery.  Then I got some final icons made for the season20in20 latest round (I did a Blakes 7 set), and then wrote to my brother, and also emailed my dad's doc to check on his prescription.  My dad, sadly, has Alzheimer's and so I try to keep tabs on what's happening with him.

And so to bed.

A normal day - but actually got quite a bit done.
Tags: cooking, lj, mum and dad, the 12th, work
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