Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Pain And Rain!!

No work again this week - but I have been busy doing a bit of writing, making some icons (see next post) ... and generally feeling sore, despite pain killers.  The docs only gave me a week's supply, so I halved the dose, and think that's part of the trouble, but I don't want to walk around like a zombie!  So I take the strong ones twice a day and boost with others as and when.  However, back to docs in a minute, as I need more pain killers anyway.

And the icon is appropriate as I managed to cut a chunk out of 2 different fingers yesterday ... one chopping onions, and one slicing bread!  (And that's while not being zombied!)

I had a suprise today ... I am a year older!!!!  No, friends, you haven't missed an LJ alert!

I read The Bible every morning, and am reading one divided into days.  I keep it here (read different at M&D's), so today I read June 24th's!  It was the first half of the book of Jonah, and looking at the rain, being swallowed by a large fish didn't seem suprising at all!

Well I must get on and get my icons posted!  (Hope you like them!)
Tags: bible, ill, personal, weather

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