Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

BtVS Icons

I entered btvs_hush for the first time last month ... thank you red_satin_doll for pointing me in that direction.

I ended up having 2 icons rejected as they didn't cover the theme, but the other 4 were OK ... and even more shocked to find one of them came in third!  Anyway, enjoy, snag if you want ....

1.  photo 4_zps31c0f67d.jpg 2.  photo 6_zpsc5f04a23.jpg 3.  photo 5_zpsee6516a9.jpg

4.  photo 3_zps624751cd.jpg 5.  photo 2_zpsa82f5b53.jpg 6.  photo 1_zps00bfd64e.jpg

 photo 848480_600_zpsb153c0d9.jpg
Tags: btvs, competition, icons
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