Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

BtVS Icons

As I have said over the last few days I am trying to get my life back ... and so have entered the last few rounds of slayerstillness ... here are the icons from 2 of those ... one focussing on vampires, and one on negative space ... enjoy ... snag if you want.

 photo 472615_original_zpsa5efd3b8.jpg

1  photo 4X05BB1703_zps01978f27.jpg 2  photo 5X01BVD0585_zpse3c5c991.jpg 3  photo pangs7_zpsa6c7bcfc.jpg
4  photo 2X21BEC2175_zpse07044dc.jpg 5  photo 2X10WML0291_zps564a8626.jpg

6  photo 5_zps7bc8c58b.jpg 7  photo 1_zpsdc5b8dc9.jpg 8  photo 3_zps60a031eb.jpg
9  photo 4_zps74829899.jpg 10  photo 2_zps5a7ca343.jpg
Tags: icons
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