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Getting Back Into Routine.

This morning was a bit blowy and damp - but considering some of the weather that I know some of you are coping with at present - it was nothing!

DJ actually walked part of the way across the field to meet me ... well, he had to make sure he could snag his carrot!

I brought him in and set about grooming him.  As he was slightly damp my main concern was to make sure his saddle area was dry and clean before I tacked him up.  The I set about his mane and tail.  And managed to comb them both.  He is obviously keeping in good condition as this is proving he is maintaining the natural oils of his body.

Toni brought Smudge in and we went up to the nearby hamlet and back.  Although while there we did go along part of a verge ... and as soon as DJ's 4th foot hit the grass ... canter ... yes, he knew why we had done the slight detour - soft under foot ... "Yee Hah"

We walked back home, so both ponies arrived relatively cool, so we were able to feed and put back in their respective fields.

Once there they both trotted the length of them to meet up with the other 3 at the communal water trough.  Obviously - even though it was only 11.30am ... "The weekend starts here"!

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