Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Busy, Busy Weekend ... Again

I seem, as ever too hectic to keep up ... so thought I would do a quick "point" update ... I had planned to do more, but was late getting back to Exeter.

Thursday ... I went to Torquay to take Dad to hospital to have a Rodent Ulcer removed from his face.  The op(s) on his cheek had gone well, but this was an extra spotted on the last op date ... so, change of location ... and more stitches!
Then work in the afternoon ... ironically at a dermatology clinic!

Friday ... Work in the morning then back to Mum & Dad's as I had organised to get the router on Dad's pc changed ... after waiting around a couple of hours it was to find he had been delayed!  Still, I got some things done for Mum ... reading letters, checking her building society account, etc.
Then shopping for them ... they always used to do a weekly big shop, and now that's left to me.

Saturday ... I took Jiffy for his normal am ramble which we both love, then got back to start some work in the garden ... only to spot that Dad had a black eye ... so, off to A&E ... he has an eye infection.
Then back to cut the grass and do some weeding ... although it got very cold in the late afternoon.
In the evening it was a lazy night watching an old comedy film, and an episode of Dad's Army.

Saturday night - Sunday morning .... I was woken by Jiffy trying to fight his way out of his bedroom, and to hear our burglar alarm going off ... and no lights!  Poor Jiffy is afraid of the dark (he sleeps with a light on), and add to that the noise of quite a few alarms he was a nervous wreck.  Yes, it was our part of the town that as without power ... although it came back on within the hour.

Sunday ... normal morning at Church ... then after dinner I read them a couple of letters that had come in during the week, read a bit of the paper, then washed up.  The cut Mum's hair and permed it ... as well as giving Dad some treatment on a painful shoulder.

I had planned to write a couple of things but while writing this my neighbours, who you cant usually hear, are having a screaming row ... maybe someone else as well (it sounds like more than 2 voices) ... so hope this makes sense.  It seems to be calming a bit ... or maybe they are just loosing their voices!

Hope all is well - will try to get back on track tomorrow.
Tags: jiffy, mum and dad, neighbours, operation

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