Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Just Popping By To Say I Will Be Back Later ... And Hopefully Be Around More Again (Fingers Crossed)

The tooth is still causing me problems - and am on 2 lots of antibiotics, which means I have been able to cut down the pain killers somewhat.  I saw an emergency dentist on Thursday who said it's a huge infection, but couldn't see where it was coming from, so I go back tomorrow to get re-Xrayed.

No work today ... I need the shifts, as I don't get great pay anyway ... but there again I need time that I can take life at my own pace.  Although I feel guilty as I spent much of the weekend in bed ... I could have done some gardening for Mum & Dad and then rested now ... oh well ... my timing isn't God's timing ... He knows what I need at present.


And, finally ... *beware* Thinky Thoughts for a moment!!!!!!!

Like most of the world I have been caught up in the story of the tragedy of the missing plane ... but one thing that I noticed is, at present so many countries are working together, pooling resources and technology to find the answers .... if they can do it now, why cant they do it in general, and work toward solving general world sadness.

But, by heart goes out to the the families of those passengers and crew .... may they get answers soon.
Tags: ill, work

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