Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Different .... That Applies To Me Again This Week!

As you can possibly guess I'm not at work today - waiting to go back to the doctor ... I have an infection in a Wisdom tooth (started yesterday) and I'm on anti-biotics ... but just need stronger pain-killers, as the ones I have are not touching it!

Oh well, I can honestly say it's something new!

My Monday was spent at work ... and weirdly as I arrived the CD was already playing (they tend to have an assortment of "general" tracks) ... but this week I had to laugh as the first track I heard was a blast from the past - The Boomtown Rats - I Don't Like Mondays

For some I know it will bring back sad memories ... but for me January 1979 was when I was taking my mock A level exams.

Also, on Monday, I proved a lot of people wrong. Everyone who knows me says I can't catch ... well, I caught a person!! A medical student, was in a clinic, came out of the room a bit wobbly. The receptionist saw her behind me, called my name and I caught her to take her down to the ground so her head landed in my arms ... so, yay, I can catch!!
Tags: dentist, school, work, you tube
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