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I Am Alive ... Honest ... (Well Almost, Anyway!!)

Just spent this last week either at work or in bed ... totally exhausted again.

So haven't turned my computer on.  .... just here to check e-mails and let you know I'm still breathing.

Couple of updates -

  • Claire is still slowly healing and at long last her specialist is pleased with progress.

  • Mum is finding life tough ... the pills are hormone based and .... Dad's Alzheimer's has taken a bit of a step.  So hard to see that at weekends ... and hard to know it's there when I step away at weekdays.

  • Dad has more surgery on his face tomorrow - the mole they cut out a month ago went well, but they didn't cut a big enough margin, so taking him there.

Well I must get dressed and get to work.

Mum & Dad don't know but on Saturday Tim & Claire are coming for lunch ... her first trip out ... to celebrate M&D's 62nd, and their 24th Wedding Anniversaries.

I know I must have missed loads - if so let me know what's happening ... sorry that I have been MIA
Tags: anniversary, ill, mum and dad, tim and claire, work
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