Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

It's The 12th Of The Month Again

It's monthlydiaryday  again

I really must post this month - I didn't last month as I sort of "lost" the day it was when Claire was having a mastectomy & reconstruction.  So, here we are 4 weeks later and Claire is doing well, although the healing is slow.  (I think I posted that she got the all-clear on spread of the cancer)

As for my day ... it was "normal"

Breakfast, Bible reading, making sandwiches ... and then off to work.

This morning I was working in a Plastic Surgery clinic (I work as an Auxilliary Nurse for those who don't know), and then after lunch I was working as a runner ... weighing new patients and testing urine for those in a Urology clinic.

Then home to dinner.

In the evening I did washing, which I hung outside, as the weather forecast was good (saves me getting ultra-organised in the morning) ... then watched a bit of a DVD (South Pacific); before switching on my computer and doing some art work for the slayerstillness competition this week.

And so to bed.
Tags: claire, the 12th, work

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