Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Just Dropping In

I am meant to be catching up here, doing some icons for a 20in20 comp and writing to a couple of friends ... but after a day at work, even though the penicillin didn't really kick in, I am too tired to do much ... so instead I head off for an early night ... leaving you with this:-

Your Handwriting Says You Are Very Traditional

You are highly energetic. You are a passionate, intense, vigorous person.
You are somewhat outgoing, but you're not a natural extrovert. You think first before you act. You tend to be independent, rational, and logical.
You are extravagant, over the top, and indulgent. You set trends and influence people.
You need a lot of space in your life, and it's easy for you to feel stifled. You avoid commitment and responsibility whenever you can.
You are conservative, old fashioned, and a little stubborn. You are resistant to change.
You are a poor communicator. No one really knows exactly what you're getting at.

And, I think most of it is true!
Tags: ill, meme, rl

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