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A couple of weeks ago Christine and I managed to nip to Plymouth for a few hours.  I needed a bit of a break, and she needed some clothes.  So we went on the train, and ended up getting soaked in the historic part of the city ... she didn't shop, but I got my camera out!

Mayflower Steps (where the flags are) ... looking towards the route The Mayflower would have used.
 photo DSC_0012_zps5ed44ea4.jpg

Standing on the new platform, above the historic steps.
 photo DSC_0009_zpsd2097f1b.jpg

The house the passengers embarked from on their final trip.  On the wall is the list of the passengers - I have in the past posted a close up of that plaque.
 photo DSC_0008_zps0cd94ca9.jpg

A house that Katherine of Aragon lived in.
 photo DSC_0007_zpsa4f7afb7.jpg

The white building is Elizabethan ... and the central post is the ships mast of the boat of the owner!
 photo DSC_0021_zps02470646.jpg

 photo DSC_0006_zps79b10142.jpg

The top of the shopping centre.
 photo DSC_0003_zpsc4efffed.jpg

Two new statues ... put there to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee ... 2 famous Plymouth residents ... and a tourist!
 photo DSC_0002_zpsdc3b75b7.jpg

Hope you liked my mini trip to Plymouth.
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