Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,


I'm at home today - no work ... but although I need the money I think I need the me-time more.

This bronchitis is not too bad but is a warning that I am not really coping well overall!  Still the anti-biotics are kicking in, so I feel a bit better today ... although the cough is annoying (and yucky!!)

Just spoke to Claire on the phone - she is doing well, although the last 1" of her op has yet to heal ... so they may need to re-operate.  She realizes that God is teaching her patience ... but is fed up with her lesson!!  We chatted for 1/2 hour ... couldn't go round cos of my bugs.

So, today I may be spamming you, as I am going to catch up with some computer time, as well as do a bit of housework ... I may even work on my latest one-shot fic ... although I desperately need a Beta, as mine has got a busy non-LJ life now.  So if there are any really brave people out there, let me know!

Hope you are all having a fun day ... it's raining here, again!
Tags: claire, fan fic, ill

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