Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Yay - Great News X 2

I feel that I have been depressing you all with my bad news - and how low life has made me feel ... but today was a special day.

CLAIRE GOT THE ALL-CLEAR .... In fact she was told that the removed breast had even more cancer in than in the scan 2 weeks previously ... so total confirmation that it was the right timing for her.  And, the rest of her lymph nodes are totally clear!  I literally wept when I heard the news ... luckily I was just going on my coffee break when I got the text.

And, Yay #2 ... Dad spent most of the day at the hospital having treatment for his nose bleeds ... so, hopefully that's the end of it, but he is booked to return next week, so they are going to get him sorted.  Thank God for great neighbours, who took him in, and checked he was in the correct area.


And, than you all for your support.
Tags: cancer, claire, dad, ill

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