Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

The Last Week Has Disappeared ... If Anyone Finds It Can They Return It!!!

So much for keeping in touch - the last week has gone, I have missed birthdays, I have missed your news - I am a poor friend.

Anyway - it was Mum's birthday over the weekend, which was good.  She is not emotionally very well at all - Having suffered from nervous problems all her life the last few months has really taken it's toll.  Still on the Sunday she had Nick & Brenda come over in the afternoon ... and what she didn't know is that they were also going to bring the 4 boys.  So that was a real treat for her.  A lovely afternoon was had by us all.

For me it was a bit hectic as I drove to Exeter (30 minute drive) to collect Claire from the hospital and take her home (their car is very low-slung) ... it was great to see her getting home, all be it very wobbly.  I went round Monday morning, as well, and she was already a little stronger.

New fridge-freezer arrived Monday afternoon, as my last one died.  Now I have a new shiny "empty" appliance ... can't afford to put food in it, now I have paid for it ... LOL

I was able to get to Bible Study on Tuesday ... we are now starting the book of Revelation.  I always find those evenings fascinating as the rest are Filipino, ex-Catholics ... so their Bible teaching and heritage is so different to mine.  We have great evenings, and I always come out feeling blessed.

So - what have I missed?  I hope if there is any news you will let me know.


PS - just had to use the new icon I made ... I amused myself, even though I haven't a clue what the dots say ... so hope it's nothing rude!  I must get some more icons made.
Tags: bible study group, mum, nephews, nick and brenda

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