Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

I Am Still Around ....

But still am exhausted..  I had lung function tests on Monday and am 100% OK!!  They also tokk loads of blood to do loads of tests ... I get those results tomorrow.

I ended up rushing to M&D's yesterday morning as Dad had another nose-bleed, this one turned out to just need scattering ... not due to high blood pressure like a couple of years ago.  However I have just spoken to Mum and she said he had another smaller one today so I told her to speak to the docs to get it checked again.

Claire has the date for her mastectomy & reconstruction ... a week today, so although it is hard for her, the hospital are moving fast so she can have treatment and get on with her life.

Mum is not doing well - just really run down both emotionally & physically ... but to try to get her to admit anything is impossible.  For the first time ever she is putting it down to age, which is a sure thing she is not well *g*

Jiffy continues to be as mad as ever ... so that's good news!

Well, I am trying to keep up with your news, but tiredness sends me to bed early still.  Hope you are all well ... and life is going well.

*group hugs*
Tags: claire, dad, ill, jiffy, mum, rl
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