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Having A Shoe Fettish!

Honestly, does DJ not reaslise how lucky he is - he has had more new shoes last year than I did ... and that's even if you count a set of 4 as a single pair!

This latest set - hardly worn ... well he has kept them on his feet, but like slippers he hasn't been up and down the roads with them!

So, today I collected him from his nice sunny field so that he could have yet another pair of made-to-measure shoes ... yet again something I can't afford for myself!

As we walked in he slowed by Secret's grave.  It was almost as if he was just pausing to pay his respects.   Horses tend to spook easily and although the grave site was new he just quietly walked slowly past it.

Then to the yard.  As it was a nice day I thought I would "attempt" to groom him outside - he has been rolling again - yes, as predicted, his head collar is muddy.  As it turned out I had only been working for about 20 minutes when Ian (the farrier) arriver - early!

So - one hour later "sir" is the proud owner of a new set of shoes ... and then ... guess what ...

Yes - he had to have carrots to congratulate him for being a good boy!

Still, he had been good - and now he has to realise that he has to get back to work - I am determined we are going to wear these set of shoes out!

For those who want to see his new (dirty) head collar I have added a couple of pics behind the cut -

And for those who have forgotten - yes, under the dirt he is a dappled grey with a silver tail and mane!! ... Honest!!
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