Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

One Week Down ....

Only 51 to go till next year!

Sorry I didn't catch up yesterday but this virus is fighting back.  I spent much of the weekend resting, then after 8 hours standing at work I came home very wobbly ... went to bed early, and have in fact had to call in sick again today.  So have spent much of today in bed.  The cough is unchanged, but am just really tired, despite increasing my fluids, fruit and salad items to try to boost my body.

Still, have had some extra chocolate today ... just in the need of boosting the energy to fight the bugs ... NO other reason at all!!

The house is de-decked and not actually packed away, as I want to decorate the cupboard they live in ... its under the staires and houses everything, so want to paint it, add extra hooks (for spare hangers, carrier bags, etc).

Oh well, will try and catch up with my f-list ... and comments to previous comments.

Hope you are having a fun day.
Tags: ill, rl

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