Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,


So much for keeping regular updates ... where did the last few days go?  Sorry!

I still have to catch up with your comments on previous rambles, although have tried hard to pop in each day and keep up to date with you all.

I have had a melancholy few days to start the week - the hectic couple of days to end it!

To suit my melancholy I share the song that (surprisingly) has been on my mind!!

As to hectic - I heard from Toni that she wants to pop in on Monday ... so I have had to try and get her Christmas shopping done ... saves postage. But working till 6pm makes life hard! Didn't gat 100% what I wanted, but "for better or worse" I have shopped and wrapped.

I also needed to get 3 of my nephews birthday pressies bought ... wish I had got organised last week, then I could have taken them with me ;)

Speaking of Nick, he has managed to get a job ... not "head" of his department, as he was, and not local, but at least he is working ... both for money, and for his CV.

I'm not working today as I have to take Mum Christmas shopping today ... and am getting the car serviced tomorrow ... so busy, busy.

Hope all is well with you all.
Tags: christmas, james, nick, personal, rl, you tube

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