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A busy Weekend

Poor DJ normally has the weekend to please himself - but as I had to be around this time - rather than my normal trip to Mum and dad's it also meant the poor boy had to cope with me!

On Saturday I was up early to go for a ride as the farrier was due to visit him that morning. He looked slightly shocked - I don't know whether it was seeing me on a Sat. or the fact it was an early start. Still Toni and Badger, DJ and I had a nice ride - before going back home to wait the farrier. As he was late I ended up leaving DJ in his box as I had an orchestral rehearsal (for that evening's concert) to attend.

Sunday was another lovely day - but this time DJ thought so too - as all he had to cope with was a visit from me and Mum and Dad ... so we just gave him some carrots and some mints, before leaving him to his peace and quiet.

Mum and Dad are not "horsey" people - but DJ is always going to be that bit different - not just that he is mine (on loan) but he is also my namesake ... so one special boy ... and obviously the reason he is such a good boy!
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