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8 Weeks ... 6 Days

... And I went riding again!!

It was a lovely morning - the weather has been really great over the last few days.  I had spoken to both Toni and Ros the previous day, so we had arranged to meet up ... depending what state DJ was in whan I brought him in from his field

DJ had been ridden a few times the first couple of weeks I was away, but since then had to been left to play in his large field.  Toni had moved him to the biggest field and put him in with the unbroken Conrad.  DJ had been having fun - if the amount of mud that he was caked in was any indication!  As I have previously said, he loves rolling - so the mud has been great for him!

The minute he heard my voice he looked up from the grass he was munching on ... and when he saw me let myself into his field he slowly walked towards me ... or was it the carrot in my hand!

So I brought him through the gate - with him only wearing 3 shoes ... maybe I was too early and he hadn't got fully dressed yet??

We walked in to the stable area and I tied him up on the fencing ... right in the patch that i had spent an hour lying in a few weeks previously!!

Then I started grooming ... to try to make sure there was no mud in his saddle area and face - the rest is just for "beauty" ... but where his tack fits, it is all quite tight, so you don't want to leave anything that would rub.

He stood really still and seemed to enjoy being fussed over again - He even let me comb his mane ... and brush all round his face.

I tacked him up and got my boots changed ... just as Toni was ready (with Smudge) and at the same time Ros arrived with Cherry ... in only 3 shoes as well ... DJ had obviously started a fashion!

We walked up the road and round the block and back ... about 2 miles overall.  The weather was great and it was lovely to be back on our normal Wednesday ride .... but it was really great to be back riding DJ again.  He was relaxed and enjoying the change of view.  There wasn't much traffic which made it even nicer - but what traffic there was didn't faze DJ ... even if seeing this fluffy (!), muddy pony walking up the road with his 2 clean and clipped companions probably made other look slightly surprised!!

When we got back it was lovely - all 6 of us were relaxed.

I fed DJ a small meal and another carrot and then with him wearing his belated Christmas present of a new head-collar I took him back out to his field ... Knowing full well that his plans for the rest of the day was to see how muddy he could get his head-collar.

My plans were to phone the farrier - and organise his new shoes!

My hand just about survived ... DJ does occasionally toss his head - which meant he pulled me a few times.  But, as the finger is still bandaged, with wearing gloves, I think the wound itself is OK ... Aching I can cope with - It proves I am back to life!!
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