Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

2013 ... 31 Day Blog ... Day 20

Day 1 - A Picture Of Myself.
Day 2 - 20 Facts About Myself.
Day 3 - Favourite Quote.
Day 4 - What Are You Afraid Of.
Day 5 - 10 Favourite Songs.
Day 6 - Your Five Senses Right Now.
Day 7 - Your Pet Hates.
Day 8 - What's In Your Handbag.
Day 9 - What's Your Worst Habits.
Day 10 - What's Your Best Physical Feature.
Day 11 - List 15 Of Your Favourite Things.
Day 12 - What's In Your Fridge.
Day 13 - What Is Your Earliest Memory.
Day 14 - If You Won The Lottery.
Day 15 -Timeline Of Your Day.
Day 16 - What's At The Top Of Your Bucket List.
Day 17 - What Is Your Most Proud Moment.
Day 18 - The Meaning Behind Your Blog Name.
Day 19 - What Do You Collect?.

Day 20 - A Difficult Time In Your Life

I suppose the hardest time was when I was at school. Up till I was 9/10 life was great. I had fun, friends and enjoyed it. Then with another school change I met up with bullying ... something that I had never met before.

Hard to describe what it was like, but mainly I was teased for my faith, my glasses, my willingness to obey, etc. The thing that was the hardest was that every time I tried to be friendly I was isolated.

The girl who was the ring-leader moved schools with me, so for the next 5 years that continued ... by my 6th form, things were easier as she left. Add to that an English teacher who told me I was useless and an art teacher who told me I was weird that I didn't know colour (yes, I'm colourblind ... which was discovered when I was 9), all in all school days were not the "happiest days of my life."

It's left me with a real isolationist attitude - which is hard to shake. LJ has done wonders for me, in that I have friends here ... something I have had little knowledge of in RL. (Yes I do have a couple of good friends, but only over the last few years)

Anyway - we all have bad times, nothing takes those away - but we get through them. As my Grandmother used to quote -

"Here we suffer grief and pain, over the road they are doing the same"
Tags: bullying, meme

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